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Legislative Resources

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Legislative Committees

You can find the rosters of the Legislative Committees at the below link. Once at the page click on any group to see its roster. For each committee one house has been designated as the “house of initial action.” This is the house where the legislation will be initiated, for anything referred to that committee. See the link to this list below as well.

Legislative Committee Rosters for the 81st General Convention

House of Initial Action (pdf)

The House of Deputies also have information about Legislative Committees, including committee descriptions, at their Legislative Committees page here:


Blue Book Reports

Virtual Binder


The current Virtual Binder is at https://vbinder.net.  In this application one can find resolutions, memorials, legislative committee meetings, election information, house calendars, committee reports, house messages (daily journal), floor amendments and other information relating to the meeting of the General Convention. Each virtual binder applies only to the current event. For resolutions from past General Convention meetings please refer to the Archives of The Episcopal Church.

Graphic on How Resolutions Move Through the Process