Policies & Forms - The General Convention of The Episcopal Church

Policies & Forms

Anti-Racism Training Resolution-pdfView PDF
Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure Form-pdfView PDF
Deputation Certification Instructions-pdfView PDF
DFMS Whistleblowing Policy-pdfView PDF
Executive Council Rules of Order-revised 11-2015-pdfView PDF
Executive Council Bylaws-rev-02.2023-pdfView PDF
Fundraising Guidelines-pdfView PDF
General Convention Logo Request Form-online formView form
Gift Acceptance Policies-pdfView PDF
Guidelines Concerning Invited Guests at Executive Council Meetings-pdfView PDF
Guidelines for Interaction with Media-pdfView PDF
Guidelines for Media-pdfView PDF
Manual for Business Methods in Church Affairs–December2019-pdfView PDF
Model Policies for Safe Ministries FAQ-pdfView PDF
Model Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth-pdfView PDF
Model Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults-pdfView PDF
Open Meetings and Use of the Extranet-pdfView PDF
Policy on the Serving of Alcohol at Church Related Events-pdfView PDF
Travel guidelines-pdfView PDF
Travel Expense Report Form-pdfView PDF
Travel Expense Report Form-xlsxDownload XLSX