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Microsoft Teams Training Materials

New Teams

As of March 31, 2024, Microsoft will be retiring Teams Classic and requiring any users still on the app to update to New Teams. Many (or most) users have already changed over to New Teams. If you still have Teams Classic or are recently new to New Teams, we would encourage you to review the materials on upgrading to New Teams and what is actually new about New Teams.

Upgrading or Installing New Teams

What’s New in New Teams

Note that the additional guides and walkthroughs of Teams were originally produced for Teams Classic. They are still largely accurate, and we would still encourage you to review, but some features or appearances may appear slightly different.

Troubleshooting Tips

We will be keeping an updated list of troubleshooting tips for users, based on reported issues and known quirks. Click Here to access this document. Note that it may be updated over time.

Microsoft Teams Account Setup

Microsoft Teams Walkthrough